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60 seconds is a small adventurous game of survival and scavenge. This is a comedy game. It is totally all about rescue of your family and collect supplies before nuke hit you. You have to stay alive in all conditions, Make difficult decisions, collect food, and hunt cockroaches.

60 seconds free

This game is developed and published by Robot Gentleman. This game is single player game and its survival is on your achievements and control. During game everything will be against you even time and your own house and furniture for 60 seconds free download.

You have to decide what you are going to take with you and what will you leave behind. Reaching at fallout shelter within the time is first task of this game and whoever you save play important role in your survival for 60 seconds game free.

Everyday there is a different survival stories and for that you have to go through unexpected events. And it’s your decision how to make best use of your food water and supplies how to face difficulties for survival. So let us now have a quick look on how we can a 60 seconds free download.

How To Download 60 Seconds Free Download for PC:

Before downloading this game for your system you must know some facts about this game. And your system must have the minimum requirements to play this dark comedy game.

All Needed For 60 Seconds Game Free Download:

  • Genre –Adventure, Casual, strategy, stimulation.
  • Developer – Robot Gentleman.
  • Publisher- Robot Gentleman.
  • Released date- 25 May, 2015.
  • Language- English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian.

Basic Systems Requirements for 60 Seconds Free Download for Windows :

  • Operating System- Windows XP and later (32-bit/ 64-bit).
  • Processor- INTEL Core 2 Duo 2.0+ GHz or more equivalent to that, AMD CPU.
  • RAM-   4GB.
  • Graphics Card- NVidia GeForce 8800 GT/ AMD Radeon HD2900 XT (including 512MB VRAM).
  • Direct X- Version 9.0c.
  • Hard Disk Space- 3GB available space.
  • On additional notes- Microsoft XBOX 360 controller option, Keyboard, Mouse.

System Requirements to 60 Seconds Game Free Download for MAC:

  • Operating System- Mac OS 10 or above.
  • Processor- INTEL Core 2 Duo 2.0+ GHz
  • RAM-   4GB.
  • Graphics Card- Dedicated Graphics card with 512MB VRAM.
  • Storage- 3GB free space required.
  • Additional notes- minimum 32-bit RAM, mouse, keyboard.

60 Seconds Game :

To download the game setup for your PC you can click on any link given below and after downloading is complete for 60 seconds free download follow the below given steps to install this game on your system.

60 seconds free download

Detailed Installation Steps For 60 Seconds Free Download:

  • Download the complete version of 60 seconds game free  from the link given in our website. You can also choose to download from other links and download the zip file
  • Open the  file download the complete setup of game 60 second for your computer.
  • Extract the folder on a location for 60 seconds free download.
  • Double click on the application file to run the setup.
  • Wait for complete installation for 60 seconds game free.
  • After completion play the game directly from your desktop.

60 Seconds Game – Undisclosed Features:

In this game you get 60 second scavenge. What you manage to get within these 60 seconds will determine you fate that you are alive or dead. If you won’t be able to grab anything in those 60 second you will most likely die in 6th day or earlier due to dehydration.

60 seconds game free

But once within that time if you caught a person he will be the reason of your survival. If you and your partner is in the bunker  you will see a journal in right corner this book tell you everything about what is happening, when to use supplies, when to feed your survivor partner and what is going around your shelter.

If you send only one adult out to scavenge, it means your game is over and this end up with a game over screen. Another is that if you have only one child left in your bunker again you will get Game over screen with message “The End.”

This condition is only exempted if you send one adult out with a one child within the bunker and the adult also come back for 60 seconds free download. In that case you’re not active with message of The End. At the last when you finish your day, you end up with the game over screen, saying “You Perished”.

Modes Present In 60 Seconds Game:

Apocalypse Mode – This is a normal mode where you have to survive in fallout shelter and scavenge.

Scavenge mode- in this mode there are only scavengers this is good for practice for scavenger’s part as you never lose the game.

Survival mode – In this mode you have to survive till the end form scavengers with the sufficient amount of suppliers, as the difficultly increases you get less supplies for survival for 60 seconds game free.

Characters in 60 Seconds Free Download Game :

60 seconds

  • Ted- He is the father of Mary Jane and Timmy. He is married to Dolores. In Scavenge mode you get to gather supplies from this character.
  • Dolores- She is mother of Marry Jane and Timmy. She is married to Ted.
  • Mary Jane – She is daughter of Ted and Dolores. In the game she sometimes turns into a mutant if she is bit by a radioactive bug.
  • Timmy – He is son of Dolores and Ted. He is treated to be the best scavenger since he comes back to the shelter quicker and scavenges more supplies for 60 seconds game free.
  • Pancake the Dog – An unlock able dog which is found in certain events.

Resources in 60 Seconds Game:

General Resources – Soup, Water.

Other Resources- Ammunition, Axe, Boy Scout Handbook, Checkers, Deck of Cards, Flashlights, Gasmask, Poison, Map. Radio, Rifle, Padlock, Suitcase, Med kit for 60 seconds game free.

Play 60 Seconds Game for Free Online Without Downloading :

You can play this game without downloading it on system directly online from your internet browser for playing this game just click on the link below and will be redirected to the window.
Here you can get the direct link to play the game online you must have some requirements like a system, internet browser like chrome Firefox, safari etc. and a internet connection along with having this 60 seconds free download.
Press the link to play it now online for free:
                               Press Here To Play 60 SECONDS Game Online For Free
We hope our detailed article on 60 seconds game have helped you get the free download of the game . Happy Gaming 🙂 . For any queries please drop your comments below. .

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