Top 5 Popular Android Games for Kids from India

 Today we are going to present before you the most efficient android games for kids that are from India .All these games are reliable and famous. This listing will not include Normal digital games like rummy and all. But the actual games which you can download from Google play store and enjoy playing. So here we are proudly presenting the android games for kids originated and developed through Indian developers and which are from India .

1.Little life : Adaptivity

android games for kids
Along with its catchy name Adaptivity is a one of its kind puzzle game where the graphical interface and everything will make you instantly go back to your childhood time .And even understanding the game is very simple . The player should be able to pass through the path jumping on the moving bridges . Looks so simple but the basic strategy is in unlocking the path keys . You can download the game from google play store and enjoy playing in your android mobile . .

android games for kids


Having the name of the most authentic snack you can find anywhere in India especially. The game is no where related to food. It is clearly a shoot and make your enemy die game where the player will be moving in an auto-rickshaw. The game is developed in complete Indian mode with high standards. And the name shows the battle between SAM and OSA the main contenders in the game. If you are a native game lover you can easily install this game in your Android Games for kids mobile from google play store . This game will surely give you a good experience .

3.Scribbled Arena

android games for kids
This game holds you with the experience of tank war. Here you will be introduced with high range war tank fight experience with the contender. The to be noted pro of this game is the developers has given a lot of customize your level options. Even the levels will look very handy with a sketched back ground. With all this powers you can custom define your own level . we believe this is one of the best game that leaves you with ultimate gaming experience . Scribled arena is available in Google play store for you to download in your Android Games for kids mobile .

android games for kids
If you are a good fan of path finding Android Games for kids you are in the correct place. This game is so simple and less tricky . Player needs to tap on a color and remember where it is . Later player should be able to crack the staring to end path just with taps and clicks. The difficulty in game increases with levels. The strength of the game lies in its simplicity. you can download this game in Google play store .


5.Avion Flight Simulator

android games for kids
For any aviation workplace lover and even for new gamers this avion flight simulator game leaves them awestruck with its design . There are three difficulty levels which include missions in it . aircrafts include missions in them . Player should crack all the levels in each mission . This game will provide monumental effects and experience to the gamer which made it winner of developer conference awards . This game is available in google play store .

We believe we have provided the best listing games where we covered simple path finding Android Games for kids , war games , Indian native games like samosa , custom Android Games for kids and mission games . If you are aware of more games like this please do drop a comment in comment section below .

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